You can’t become a better man on your own. It is impossible. You may think you have your sins under control, and you don’t need help to change but what a lie to fall into!

Men, you cannot beat your sins on your own!

Our sins are like a wild beast inside us. The more we hide them and try to control them on our own, the larger the beast becomes. We need to release the beast out in public and kill it in the street. And there must be witnesses!

This is where the other men come in. We need to surround ourselves with other men we can trust and be accountable to. Other men we can lean on, and be completely vulnerable with. Other men that know our beast and are rolling in the street with us trying to defeat it. I’m talking about real men, like you and I, that have the same struggles and are trying to become better. Get together once a week/month and just get real.

If you’re reading this blog and are on the journey to become a better man, and you don’t have men in your life like this, it’s time to find some. I am in the process of creating this type of group of men for myself and couldn’t be more excited.

So grab some men and get down to business, because you can’t kill the beast on your own.



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