How to be ‘ The Humble Man ‘

In a world where our culture encourages us from childhood to climb up the ladder of success, income, fame and popularity, it’s hard to be the humble man and not get left behind. The western world has completely adopted this vision of individualism. People nowadays are only worried about numero uno, and living for themselves before others.You often hear of people leaving their families to travel the world and ” find themselves, ”  trying to figure out their purpose, or meaning. In the working world people will do whatever it takes to get to the top, no matter what or who they hurt along the way as long as they reach success. And once they are there they feel this pride over others that haven’t made it yet. They worked hard to get there, all on their own and they deserve it. But do we deserve it? Do we deserve anything?

We, even as Christians, have this attitude sometimes without even knowing. We think ourselves better than others everyday without realizing it. Maybe you have your perfect job and love going to work everyday and look down upon friends who don’t, and hate their work. You might think ” I worked hard to get here, you must not be working hard enough, and therefore don’t deserve what I have “. Or you might see a stranger with their child out on a walk and think ” Wow, look how that person is dressed, or how they are with their child, they are not as good a parent as me “.  Or even within family members, there is this competition of who is doing better in life in general. Who is higher on the success ladder, or the parenting ladder. And we might not even notice when we are thinking these things, but I think if we can notice and train ourselves out of it, that is how we can become ” The Humble Man. ”

All those examples I used are examples of myself. I do and think all those things, and now it’s my journey to learn to think differently. We need to be conscious of our thoughts and catch them as they arise. We need to see others as better than ourselves so we can become the ultimate servant. It won’t be easy and it will definitely take time, but I think over time we will be able to change our mindset and in turn transform our hearts.

Try and think of your own examples of times you think yourself better than others. And then think of those people as better than you. Become the ultimate servant. Humble yourselves. Everything you have, came from God and you didn’t acquire any of it on your own. Wherever you are on the success or income ladder isn’t because of your hard work. Whatever popularity or fame you have, came from God. And the sooner we understand that the sooner we can start our journey working towards being completely humble in all ways of our life.