Trying to live as one in this world, instead of one of this world is not easy. We can easily get caught up in our busy earthly lives and schedules. Our plans for our future on this earth, what we’re going to buy next, or how we’re going to remodel. None of it matters. 

My wife and I are going through our third renovation in our century home. We did the first floor when we moved in, 3 years later we completed the second, and now we’re doing our kitchen. Renovating old houses in our neighborhood is very popular, everyone is doing it. But I feel so conflicted. Yes our house was a rental/student house and a bit of a disaster, so it definitely needed some help. And it will be beautiful when it’s finished. But at the same time, I don’t want to spend all our time and energy making our “home” on earth perfect, when it really doesn’t matter at all. Yes, it’s where we’re living now, and just because we won’t be here for eternity, doesn’t mean we should go live in the dump until then. But I just don’t want to get attached. Believe me, I want our house fully renovated and finished as much as my wife, maybe more (so there’s no more work to do!) But, when it’s done, I want to try to have my main focus on the future. I want to learn to not want, and to be content with what I have.

It’s so easy in the western world to fall into wanting and attaining everything, because it’s so easy to get whatever we want, whether we have the money or not. Materialism is a very dangerous monster, and it’s being thrown at us everyday, on the radio, T.V., movies, magazines. Now I have done my fair share of wanting and having. From the latest electronics, video games, newest cell phones, to pimping out cars. But I think I have a pretty good handle on it now, but it is a daily struggle. Just the other day I switched our cell phone plans to a much much better deal, way more options for much less money, good right? After it was all switched, I almost asked if they had any deals on phones so I could get the new blackberry. Why?! Oh right, because everyone has it and I want it too. Good news is, I didn’t ask! All this crap we obtain on this earth is all trash and will fade away with this earth. It is the treasures in heaven that we need to focus on and bringing the good news to the people of this world. Now I’m not saying we can’t or shouldn’t have nice things in this world. If my phone breaks, or stops functioning properly, I’m not just going to say ” Oh well! ” and toss it. I will need to buy a new one, and I will. But I’m not going to wait in line for the newest iPhone so I can have the first one, and pay an insane amount of money for something smaller than my hand. We need to control our wants, and turn them into needs. Plain and simple. Sure, we’re human and 99% of us will never be able to completely rid ourselves of our want. And that’s OK. If you really want something, and have worked hard for it, and saved for it, I don’t think there is anything wrong with obtaining that item, no matter what it is. Just remember the bigger picture.

Try to remember that this week as you watch T.V. or walk through the mall. Or as you’re sitting with your wife after a nice dinner, planning your future. What is it you want in this life? Plan it all out as one of this world would. And then when you’re done, and you’ve planned your life, all the way to what you’re going to do with your retirement, ask each other how much of that aligns with God’s plan for you. Now change your plans. You may be up all night.




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