Fathers with sons, it is our duty to pave the way for our boys. They will learn all their habits (good or bad) from you. Your life is a good look into the future of your son’s. My son is two and a half and I already see him copying me. From the way I stand, to what I say and do. It is the cutest thing, but scary too. I already feel that I have to be on my best behaviour and that I need to start showing him a good example. I find myself teaching him things I remember my Dad saying to me, which is awesome. I’m passing down wisdom to him from his Grandfather. I believe my Dad did a great job of being an example of a Great Man for me, which will make it easier for me to do the same. It is our job to teach them to be men, and Good Men too.

Step One: 
Become, or strive to become a Good Man yourself. Your son will watch your behaviour as you walk towards your goal, which can be a perfect teaching opportunity for him. As you learn things, you can teach your son and walk through it with him. If you come into a situation at work that you’re struggling with, use that to teach your son. Tell him what’s going on, and how you’re going to respond to it, and how not to. As you learn to become a Good Man, your actions will rub off on your son in the process.

Step Two:
Never do anything or act a certain way that you wouldn’t do or act like in front of your son. A Good Man is a Good Man 24/7, 365. Don’t be two people. Act as if you are the main character of your own reality show and there is one main feed going straight back to your house, and it is your son’s favourite show. He hasn’t missed an episode, and he’s soaking it all in.

Step Three:
Teach your son how to live. Teach him the way to Good Man-Hood. Show him how to act in tough situations, using your life experience. Use your life to teach him. With every opportunity that arises, show him how to respond. From doing poorly on a test, or dealing with a bully, or a tough situation with a friend. Creating a tight bond with your son, to the point where he will tell you everything will help greatly. We need to work on this from day one. Let your son know he can trust you and tell you anything. Once he is older and in high school, which are character building years,  if he still brings everything to you, you can continue to shape him, more easily than if you don’t know what he’s going through. And if he continues to bring everything to you into man hood, you can continue to shape him as he becomes a father himself.

Step Four:
Teach him to love God. Teach him how to live as a good christian man and how to be a servant. The easiest way show him this is through the church. Lead him by your example. Make church important in your family. Serve in the church as much as you can. Talk about church at home, read the bible together, teach your son to pray. He will get to know and love God through you. The stronger your relationship with God is, the more it will influence your son, and your family.

Remember all this as you do life with your son, and do your best to shape him into a Good Man.



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