In our brave new world of internet and social networking, reputation has slowly become more sought after than character. A friend shared this little saying this past week in our Home Church and it is so true! Another thing he said was ” Someone with a great reputation usually has no character, and someone with great character usually has a great reputation as well “. So why do we chase after the reputation? People want others to see the things they ” own ” and the great trips they go on. They display mushy intimate comments to their loved ones on their anniversaries for the world to see how in love they are. Why do people do these things? Is it to cover up trouble at home? Is it because of personal insecurities? Now this isn’t to say every person that wants to share something with the world is chasing after a good reputation. It all depends on where your heart is. You know when you post something on a social network what your intentions are. If you genuinely are excited about something and just want to show your friends and family, there is no harm in that. But if you know in your heart that you just want to show something off, that’s different. I’ve done it before, and I know the feeling. You can’t WAIT for someone to like or comment on your post or picture. Or you know it will cause envy, and it feels good to know people wish they had your life or possessions  This is wrong! Why do we do this? How can we stop this and chase after character instead?


No, don’t do that. This will not cure your issues, and Facebook can actually be a very useful tool. We just need to learn not to abuse it! We need to stop caring about what others think, and about impressing people. This means on and off the web. Men, be secure in who you are! Tell your wife how much you love her in person, in a card, or over a nice dinner. Try talking to people face to face more often to share your news or new purchases. Pick life over a computer screen. We’re so impressed with 3D technology, and our eyes can see 3D in real-time all around us! Chase after character, and your reputation will proceed you! Character is one of the most important traits of a Good Man. Let people get to know the real you and let them say you are a Good Man…full of character!


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