Last tip of the week.

Take your wife out more often.

This is just a simple straightforward tip that most guys forget. Take your wife out on a date! Just because the dating and honeymoon are over, doesn’t mean the dates stop! If you don’t have kids yet, this one is really easy. Just take your wife out every couple weeks or ask her how often she would like to go out. She may not care about dates that much if you spend a lot of time together already. Now if you have some troublemakers running around, dates are a little more involved. But just make it work. Maybe once a month is all you can fit in, as long as you’re trying to set that husband and wife time aside. A lot of families are all about the kids as soon as they come along, and they forget about number one. The person you started it all with! And the one you’ll be left with once the kids are gone.

So remember your wife, and take her out once in a while.



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