Tip number three:

Finish the list.

The ominous “Honey-Do List”. Now there are two kinds of lists. The actual tangible written list, maybe things to get done that day or week. And the unwritten spoken list, things to get done in general.

I am very good with completing the former, not so much the latter. If my wife writes a list on our kitchen chalkboard for the day, I can almost always check the whole thing off. It’s that unwritten list that I am terrible with. Especially when there are home reno items on it. I just want to relax in my home, not work on it. All the things that are undone, and I know are on that invisible list, I walk right by them everyday. They don’t bother me. My wife on the other hand notices them, and they definitely bother her. And every once in a while she will tell me again, what needs to be done and why, and I agree, but usually make up some excuse as to why they aren’t done.

This needs to change. I should be motivated to finish these things. Not only because they need to be done, but also to make my wife happy and show her I am reliable. Everyday that passes that I don’t do anything, I let my wife down. It’s time to step up in this category, for me at least. I want my wife to know that if she asks me to do something, it will get done in a reasonable amount of time, and that she can rely on me.

How are you in this category? Maybe you’re a honey-do list pro. Or maybe you can’t even tackle the chalkboard list without getting nagged. If you’re the pro, good job, keep it up (my dad). If you’re like me, step it up man! Let’s get things done, get it over with and make our women proud! Then we can relax, with a happy wife under our arm and an empty list.

Until the next list…



2 responses to “HW, HL DAY 3 – THE HONEY-DO LIST

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