Tip number two:

Do your manly duties. 

Being the man of the household doesn’t just mean to be the spiritual head, the example and the protector. It also means to be the man, plain and simple. Do your manly duties, and keep on top of them. There seems to be an unwritten rule of chores that are the husband’s and chores that are the wife’s. And then there are those chores that don’t fall into either category that you will have to sort out between you.

Today we’re just talking about the husband category. Here are some examples:
  • Vehicle maintenance (schedule or perform service)
  • Home repair/renovation
  • Home maintenance (change the furnace filter, fill the water softener, clean the outdoor dryer lint trap)
  • Outdoor maintenance (rake the leaves, shovel the snow, salt the ice, cut the grass)
  • Kill the mice
These are the sorts of things your wife shouldn’t have to worry about or have to prompt you to do. She should just assume they will taken care of by her manly husband. It is our job to keep the home, vehicle, and property maintained and in good running condition.
Be the man of the household. Kill the mice.



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