It is very important for the man of the household, the head of the family, to know his Bible. He should have a good understanding of the word of God. He should be able to answer the questions of his wife and children and bring light to their thoughts. I don’t feel I can do this. But I want to be able to.

Here are some things I am doing to get there:

I bought myself a pocket-sized Bible with just the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs in it. I’ve been keeping it in my inner jacket pocket. My idea is, not only can I always feel it there against my chest, but if I’m out and about, and have a minute or two, whether I’m waiting for my wife, or in line somewhere, that I will pull out my Bible and read a few verses instead of playing on my phone. I’ve also been trying to keep it in my back pocket around the house. So I could whip it out and read a couple of verses at anytime. It is always on my mind. The first month or so I did this, I whipped through the first two books of the gospel. Although, I didn’t just read it, I read it. I actually heard and understood the words. (That is where my “MURDER” post came from.) My goal is to read through the entire New Testament at least. In no time limit per say. I just want to get through it. Understand it. Study it.

Since then, my wife and I have opened our home to a Bible study our church, The Meeting House, calls “Home Church”. Our church feels very strongly about the importance of home church, even over our Sunday service. If only one can be committed to, commit to home church. We had been a part of a home church for a couple of years until our son was born. Then we slowly stopped going. Now we are in a place with a group of friends that have no home church. A few have tried others and just didn’t click. Some hadn’t had a chance to try any at all. So here we all were, going to the Sunday services but not following our Pastor’s chief request: “Find a home church!”  So we decided to start our own, and have our whole group of misfits join it. I took on the responsibility of leading these misfits.  Everyone was on board, and we organized everything together. We have been meeting for about a month, and I think everyone is enjoying it. I have never been in a leading position. I don’t enjoy praying out loud, or sharing my thoughts. This was out of my comfort zone. So here I was, the leader, in a group of my peers, without a confident understanding of the Good Book. SCARY. How did I manage?


I brought my Bible to church. My notebook. A pen. I had a hard copy of the notes in my lap. A digital copy on my phone. I was ready.

I didn’t take one note. 

Here I was, worrying! And I had no reason to.  God had it all under control. Everything was laid out for me. Any note I wanted to take, our Pastor had in his notes already. Any thought I had, he expressed. And on top of that, all home church leaders get a copy of the Pastor’s notes! CHA CHING! Those bad boys are golden! So after each sermon, I would go home, study the sermon, my two sets of notes and read my Bible. I’d take personal notes for what I’d like to add to our discussion and that’s it!

So, the group has been going pretty well. Here I am, reading my Bible. Leading a home church. But it still isn’t enough. What else can we do? Well I’ve also been meeting frequently with a very dear friend that is on the same journey to become a “Good Man”. We meet once a month, maybe a couple of times, and just lay down what’s on our mind to each other. We talk about life. Our families. Our church. But what I like best, is talking about God’s Word. We bounce ideas off each other and see what we think Jesus meant in certain passages, or parables. My friend has a deeper understanding of the Book than I do, I believe, and this is handy for me. Not so much for him. But this is another way that I am growing in my understanding of the Bible. We have also discussed studying a book together, which would be great.

So there are a few things I’ve done to try to dig into my Bible more. Try reading your Bible more often. Maybe find someone close that you can meet with and discuss it with. And if you attend our church, find a home church! If not, join a Bible study. They are a great way to learn the Bible and it helps to encourage you to keep on top of your studying. You may even join a group with some new believers in it that you can help understand the Bible, and at the same time understand it more yourself.

A good Christian man knows his Bible. Let’s start knowing it.



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