A good man is reliable in all areas of life. He is trusted in the workplace to follow through with any given task. He is counted on by his family and friends to be punctual in all situations. He is someone you can always talk to about delicate issues, without worry of gossip or backtalk. He is calm, peaceful and level headed. He doesn’t lose his temper and he can think through a difficult situation with ease. He is someone boys and other men look up to. My father is a good man. 

How do we attain these traits? Let’s work through it.


The workplace is where you can really shine as a good man. There aren’t a plentiful amount of good men in our world, so there probably aren’t too many in your workplace. Of your male co-workers 29% are probably good guys, 70% are probably terrible guys. That leaves 1% of good men. You can change the numbers however you like, what I’m saying is a truly well rounded good man in the workplace is hard to find, and you can fill that 1%, and start to increase that number by your actions. So how do we do it?

Start with your language. As I wrote in my last post, we can be set apart with our words. Stand out, make people notice you value your words.

Don’t complain. This one is golden. You can really grab people’s attention if you nail this down. My dad told me as a child,  “Never let them know the jobs you hate or like, just work the same way no matter what.”   No matter what task or job is given to you, do it. Without question. Nobody likes a complainer. I found an easy way to get through this one is, if you are a disciple of Jesus, is to always remember you are working for God. Your boss may be your boss on this earth, but truly you are working for God. Work for Him, and it will be very easy to do the dirty jobs, whether you want to or not. After a while, your boss or the person in charge, will notice that you always do what is asked no matter the job and will set you apart in his mind from the others.

Be Punctual. This one is simple. Just be on time. Get to work on time, get to meetings on time, finish reports or projects on time. Show that you value others time as well as your own and that you are organized.

Now you may think, can’t we apply these to all areas of our life, not just the workplace? Yes! You can! Value your words in your family life. Don’t be a complainer, and be on time. You will find that being a good man will consume you. It isn’t a shirt we put on for work, it needs to be new skin. It needs to be with us everywhere we go. So are you ready to shed your old skin and put on something a little more shiny? Try living out those three tips and see how you feel. See if anyone notices. Work for God, and start to be a better man.



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